Join the Winter Band

2019 Winter Season Rehearsals

The band rehearses on Wednesday evenings from 7-9 PM. We meet in the band room of Mount Elden Middle School 3223 N Fourth St  Flagstaff Arizona 86004. 

Full Band Rehearsals

  • October 9

  • October 16

  • November 6

  • November 20


Small Ensemble Rehearsals 

  • October 23

  • December 4

Stand Fees

Stand fees for the winter season are $10   

If you do not own a winter band polo, one will need to be purchased for $20.

*If stand fees create a financial burden for you, please talk to Tim or a board member to have your fees waived.

Performance Dress

Performance dress is the Winter Band polo and black pants/skirt/etc. 

Winter 2019 Performance Dates:

Wednesday, November 13th
Call time: 5:00PM Perform: 5:30-7:00 PM
Little America Hotel Tree Lighting 



Thursday, December 5th

Small Brass Ensemble Only 

Call time: 5:00 PM Perform: 5:30-7:00 PM

Flagstaff Leadership Program Holiday Dinner

Little America Hotel


Saturday, December 7th 

Brass Ensemble Only

Call time: 3:45  Perform: 4:00 PM    

Tree Lighting Ceremony on Heritage Square

Sunday, December 8th

Call: 2:15 PM  Rehearsal: 2:30 PM  Perform: 4:00 PM

Holiday Concert and Movie

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Orpheum Theatre 

Sunday, December 15th  

5:00-8:00 PM

Luminarias event and End of the year party

1120 N. Rockridge Rd., Flagstaff

We will perform for people strolling through the neighborhood for the Luminaries event and also have an end of the season party!  Because we perform outside, many of the woodwinds opt to not perform and just enjoy the party!

Community Band Rehearsal Etiquette 

The primary objectives of the Flagstaff Community Band rehearsals are to provide a safe and enjoyable musical experience for all participants, AND to improve the quality of the band’s performance. We welcome all levels of musicians to participate, regardless of their playing ability or musical background. While we strive to be the best performing ensemble we can be, no musician should be made to feel as though their participation is not appreciated. With those general goals in mind, please consider these rehearsal etiquette guidelines, and do your best to adhere to these standard music ensemble behavior expectations.

  1. Arrive early if possible, allowing time to warm up (warm up at a reasonable volume please!) 

  2. If you arrive late, do your best to join the rehearsal with as little disruption as possible

  3. Please come to rehearsal having practiced your music as needed, and bring a pencil!

  4. If you checked out a folder it is your responsibility to make sure the folder is at rehearsal even if you are unable to attend

  5. Please consider that we are a diverse group of individuals. Conversations should foster a welcoming atmosphere for all.

  6. Part Assignments and Seating – While we welcome any band musicians to participate, regardless of ability level, the conductor may assign parts as he or she sees necessary. All parts are vital to the quality of the performance. Be a team player, keeping in mind that decisions made are to achieve the best balance and quality of performance.

  7. Procedures during rehearsal:

       a. Tuning – Be silent when others are tuning. Also remember to be                     respectful by not making any visible negative reactions while others               are tuning.

       b. Talking - Refrain from talking during rehearsal. If you must   

           communicate to your neighbor, please do so as inconspicuously as               possible.

       c.  Counting – It is fine to tap your foot quietly, and to count measures                in your head or on your fingers, but please NEVER count rests out                  loud. This can be extremely distracting.

        d. Unless someone asks for your assistance, please avoid giving                        instructions to others. Demonstrate by example!

        e. Stop Playing when the conductor stops the group.

        f.  Do not “practice” your part while the conductor is speaking or                          rehearsing another section.

        g. Please make sure not to wear anything with a strong scent, such as                perfumes and lotions.

  8. Lastly, enjoy the music, and be proud of your contribution to the group.          Playing music in an ensemble is a privilege, and it should be a                        wonderful shared experience for all participants

Band Members' 

Concert Sign-out:

Please sign-out here to let us know about any concert you are unable to perform at.  The sooner we know, the better!