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Band Repertoire Donation                

Purchase a piece from this "wish list" to donate to the band!

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Click on each piece listed to see/listen to them.  If you are interested in purchasing one of these for the band, please contact us for details to make arrangements!

The following is the list of music our director would like to have purchased as a donation to the group.  The links are for if you would like to view and listen, but please check with us to make sure everything is correct before ordering!

Star Wars: The Marches by John Williams

The Lightning Brigade by James Barnes

Music from Aladdin, arranged by Paul Jennings

76 Trombones by Leroy Anderson

Gavorkna Fanfare by Jack Stamp

A Copland Tribute, arranged by Grundman


*Purchase of music does not mean the band will play it immediately.  Music is programmed based on current members of the group.