Join the Summer Band

Flagstaff Community Band is a non-auditioned group for any community member who plays a band instrument.  Summer 2022 Season rehearsals begin April 6, and rehearsals take place on Wednesday evenings from 7-9 PM at Sinagua Middle School. 

Our band is divided into two seasons:
Summer Band, which is our larger season, typically rehearses from April-August with 10 performances.
Winter Band, a smaller band and season, typically rehearses from mid-October into December with 2-3 performances. 

For more information, contact us at

Summer Season Rehearsals:
Wednesday 7-9 PM beginning April 6 at Sinagua Middle School

Before the season begins, please:

Sign up for our emergency messages: This is the easiest way for us to get ahold of everyone fast if there is a last minute change or cancellation for something.  We do not have access to who has or hasn’t signed up for this, so the responsibility is on you to make sure that your number is added.  Please feel free to ask a board member if you need help setting this up.  To sign up for this, where you would enter a phone number in a text, enter the number: 84483  In the message portion, enter: flagband   Once you hit send, you should immediately get a confirmation back.   

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Stand Fees

Usually, stand fees for the summer season are $50 ($25 for students)* and include the current season’s band shirt. Fees can be paid directly to the treasurer at rehearsal or taken care of on the website.

Performance Dress

Performance dress is the current season’s band shirt and black pants/shorts/skirt/etc.

*If stand fees create a financial burden for you, please reach out to have your fees waived.

Additional Member Information

The Summer 2022 Performance Schedule:


Memorial Day Ceremony at Citizens Cemetery

Monday May 30 | Call: 10:15, Perform 10:30

Citizens Cemetery 1300 S San Francisco 


Music on the Square 

Thursday, June 9 | Call: 5:45 PM  Perform:  6:00 PM

Heritage Square, on Aspen St. between Leroux and San Francisco St.

Movies on the Square Pre-Movie Concert  

Saturday, June 18 | Call: 5:15 PM, Perform: 5:30 PM

Heritage Square, on Aspen St. between Leroux and San Francisco St.


First Friday Art Walk

FRIDAY, July 1 | Call: 5:45 PM  Perform:  6:00 PM

Heritage Square, on Aspen St. between Leroux and San Francisco St.

Land That I Love: Celebrating America Through Music

Collaborative concert with Master Chorale of Flagstaff

Saturday, JULY 2 | Call: 4:30 PM, Perform: 5:30 PM

Coconino County Fair Grounds at Fort Tuthill

Bring your appetite (there will be food trucks!) and bring a lawn chair. 


FRIDAY, July 29 | Call: 5:30 PM, Perform: 6:00 PM

Heritage Square, on Aspen St. between Leroux and San Francisco St.



TUESDAY, AUGUST 2 | Call: 5:15 PM Perform: 5:30-7:00PM

Bushmaster Park.

Music on the Square 

Thursday, August 11 | Call: 5:45 PM  Perform:  6:00 PM

Heritage Square, on Aspen St. between Leroux and San Francisco St.

Recording Session 

Wednesday, August 24 | Call: 5:45 PM  Record:  6:00 PM



SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 3| Call: 10:30 AM  Perform: 11:00 AM

Coconino County Fair Grounds at Fort Tuthill

Section Leader Information

Flute/Picc: Tommi Miller              

Clarinet/Double Reeds:  David Thompson

Saxophones: Solvay Blomquist      

Trumpet: Kimberly Walker

Horn: Jody Laura                        

Low Brass: James Dibelka                                  

Percussion: Owen Davis

 Our Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator/Discriminatory Officers are Sara Olson and Brian Gregory 

       Community Band Rehearsal Etiquette 

The primary objectives of the Flagstaff Community Band rehearsals are to provide a safe and enjoyable musical experience for all participants, AND to improve the quality of the band’s performance. We welcome all levels of musicians to participate, regardless of their playing ability or musical background. While we strive to be the best performing ensemble we can be, no musician should be made to feel as though their participation is not appreciated. With those general goals in mind, please consider these rehearsal etiquette guidelines, and do your best to adhere to these standard music ensemble behavior expectations.

  1. Arrive early if possible, allowing time to warm up (warm-up at a reasonable volume please!) 

  2. If you arrive late, do your best to join the rehearsal with as little disruption as possible. 

  3. Please come to rehearsal having practiced your music as needed, and bring a pencil and your folder!

  4. Please consider that we are a diverse group of individuals. Conversations should foster a welcoming atmosphere for all.

  5. Part Assignments and Seating – While we welcome any band musicians to participate, regardless of ability level, the conductor may assign parts as he or she sees necessary. All parts are vital to the quality of the performance. Be a team player, keeping in mind that decisions made are to achieve the best balance and quality of performance.

  6. Procedures during rehearsal:                                                                                                                                                                               a.Tuning – Be silent when others are tuning. Also, remember to be respectful by not making any visible negative reactions while others are       tuning.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             b. Talking - Refrain from talking during rehearsal. If you must communicate to your neighbor, please do so as inconspicuously as possible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               c. Counting – It is fine to tap your foot quietly, and to count measures in your head or on your fingers, but please NEVER count rests out             loud. This can be extremely distracting.                                                                                                                                                                       d. Unless someone asks for your assistance, please avoid giving instructions to others. Demonstrate by example!                                             e.  Stop playing when the conductor stops the group                                                                                                                                                     f. Do not “practice” your part while the conductor is speaking or rehearsing another section                                                                                 g. Please make sure not to wear anything with a strong scent, such as perfumes and lotions.

  7. Your section leader is your “go to” for anything.  Whether it be missing rehearsal or a problem within the group,  they are there to help you!

  8. Lastly, enjoy the music, and be proud of your contribution to the group. Playing music in an ensemble is a privilege, and it should be a wonderful shared experience for all participants


                                                         Community Band Attendance Policy     

While the Flagstaff Community Band welcomes musicians of all range of levels, and also those who perhaps cannot commit to a regular rehearsal or performance schedule, we do aspire to respect the integrity of the music we play, and the time and dedication of the members of the band. With the group being so large, we need accurate information for performances in order to have the right equipment and to insure the band is well balanced for each performance. 

Here’s what we need from you:


  • Please let us know what concerts you are unable to attend by “signing out” for those concerts on this page of the website. If your absence is last minute, please get ahold of your section leader or call the band phone number at 928-235-6297

  • When you are unable to make a rehearsal, letting your section leader know (whether it’s the week before or 20 minutes before the start of rehearsal) will help us with both set-up and to make sure that parts are covered. 

  • If the rehearsal previous to a concert is missed, concert participation is at the discretion of the director.  When we are aware of an absence, it helps us to determine what parts may need to be covered at a concert, and knowing that information in time to rehearse any changes is important.