The Flagstaff Community Band aims to:

  • Enrich the community with free, quality, public concert performances in service to the community

  • Provide a fun, inclusive, and welcoming environment for musicians of all ages

  • Collaborate with other local organizations to serve the community with entertaining and educational musical experiences.

Our Artistic Director and Conductor, Tim McKay

Tim McKay is in his seventh season as the director of the Flagstaff Community Band and the Flagstaff Junior Band, and is the band director at Mount Elden Middle School in Flagstaff. He is also in his 12th season as a trombonist for the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra. . McKay received his Bachelors degree in Music Education and Masters degree in Trombone Performance from Penn State University.  Tim has many years of experience as a music educator, performer, and ensemble director, across a wide range of age groups and ability levels both in Arizona and previously in Pennsylvania, but his favorite activity is being the daddy of his two girls.  McKay was a nominee for the Governor’s Arts Awards in the category of Individual in Arts Education, and received the Arts in Education Award at Flagstaff’s prestigious Viola Awards.  


Board of Directors

Jody Laura
French Horn
Vice Chair/
Band Manager
Dan Cook
Sarah Wattenberg
French Horn
pic of David for website.JPG
David Huffman
Member at Large 
Lisa Clark
Member at Large
Brian Gregory
Member at Large
Grants Coordinator
Jamie Sanderlin
Member at Large
Community Liason
Desmond Siu
ONA Conductor

The Band

The Flagstaff Community Band is made up of approximately 65 community members with varying levels of experience. 


Karen Appleby (NAU data analyst/retired)

Terry Bone  (flute maker/instrument repairman)

Kaitlyn Leung (FUSD music teacher)

Clara McDonald (music teacher)

Tommi Miller (chemist/retired)

Margaret Van Cleve (retired)


Marti Canipe (NAU professor)

Katie Ellenberger  (student)

Oliver Graf  (student)

Jennifer Guyer (writer)

Amber Jones (Research Coordinator)

Lauren Nagele (detective)

Alison Post (Postdoctoral Scholar in Ecology at NAU)

Janelle Seibert (Carrer Development Coordinator/NAU)

Bridget Whitely (Prison Sergeant)


Ariel Aslan (student)

Emily Chapman  (student)

Lisa Clark (Professional Collaborator)

David Huffman (missionary/retired)

Peter Johnson (music teacher/retired)

Nino Pascale (mortgage banker)

Barbara Phillips (botanist)

Jamie Sanderlin (scientist)

Brian Sanders (raconteur)

David Thompson (retired NASA scientist)

Sheila White (educator)

Bass Clarinet

Logan Ash  (student)

Cris LeSaar (data analyst)

Alto Saxophone

Solvay Blomquist (Observer Technician)

John Bradford (research scientist)

Anita Diaz (Team Coordinator Compassus Hospice)

Paula Mack (realtor)

Scout Miller (NAU Residence Hall Director)

Jaden Rieck (student)

Lilliana Roccaforte (student)

Tenor Saxophone

Larry Becker (accountant/retired)

Baritone Saxophone


Ben Cook (student)

Marette Gebhardt (Communicable Disease Investigator)

Doreen Holtje (business owner)

Zach Kovalenko (technical designer)

Richard McMaster (FUSD music teacher)

Helena Murray (Non-profit)

Jan Nichols (high school band director/retired)

Sara Olson (Director, Campus Operations at NAU)

Linda Stamer (FUSD music teacher)

Kimberly Walker (NAU Executive Assistant)

Steve Young (retired engineer)

French Horn

Emily Ditto (stay-at-home mom extraordinaire)

Tim Ellenberger (facilities manager)

Jody Laura (music teacher/business owner)

Linn Montgomery (NAU faculty biologist/retired)

Mary Schlanger (student)

Alex Walsh (Property Manager)

Sarah Wattenberg (Engineer)


Nick Alexander (student)

Craig Bearchell (retired investigator)

James Dibelka (student)

Andrew Ditto (family physician)

Jerry Korn (retired)

Alex Skelton (student/composer)

Nat White (astronomer/retired)


Joselyn Finley (occupational therapist)


Scott Boynton (Cost Reduction Specialist)

Randy Mews (retired)

Chandler Yost (student)


Pax Allen (student)

Brian Gregory (NAU faculty)

Ella Gregory (student)

Jeffrey Koyiyimptewa (student)

Sarah Stamer (student)

Band Librarian: Linda Stamer

Webmaster: Jody Laura

Discriminatory Officers: Brian Gregory                                                Sara Olson