The Flagstaff Community Band aims to:

  • Enrich the community with free, quality, public concert performances in service to the community

  • Provide a fun, inclusive, and welcoming environment for musicians of all ages

  • Collaborate with other local organizations to serve the community with entertaining and educational musical experiences.

Our Conductor

Tim McKay is in his seventh season as the director of the Flagstaff Community Band and the Flagstaff Junior Band, and is the band director at Mount Elden Middle School in Flagstaff. He is also in his 12th season as a trombonist for the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra. . McKay received his Bachelors degree in Music Education and Masters degree in Trombone Performance from Penn State University.  Tim has many years of experience as a music educator, performer, and ensemble director, across a wide range of age groups and ability levels both in Arizona and previously in Pennsylvania, but his favorite activity is being the daddy of his 9 and 8 year old girls.   McKay was recently nominated for the Governor’s Arts Awards in the category of Individual in Arts Education, and was also just awarded the Arts in Education Award at Flagstaff’s prestigious Viola Awards.  

Board of Directors

Jody Laura
French Horn
Vice Chair/
Band Manager
Dan Cook
Sarah Bosch
David Huffman
Member at Large
Jr Band Coordinator
Lisa Clark
Member at Large
Brian Gregory
Member at Large
Grants Coordinator
Jamie Sanderlin
Member at Large
Community Liason
Desmond Siu
ONA Conductor

The Band

The Flagstaff Community Band is made up of approximately 65 community members with varying levels of experience. 


Karen Appleby (NAU data analyst)

Terry Bone  (flute maker)

Sarah Bosch (teacher)

Tommi Miller (chemist)

Margaret Van Cleve (retired)


Victoria Archuleta (retired teacher)

Karen Bradford

Marti Canipe (professor)

Shari Diefenderfer 

Katie Ellenberger  (student)

Jennifer Guyer (writer)

Lauren Jones (deputy sheriff)

Clara McDonald (music teacher)

Kendall Purcell (labor and delivery nurse)

Allyson Stearns (student)

Taylor Welson (teacher)


Lisa Clark

David Huffman (retired missionary)

Nino Pascale

Carol Peat (retired pharmacist)

Barbara Phillips (botanist)

Jamie Sanderlin (scientist)

Brian Sanders (raconteur)

David Thompson (retired NASA scientist)

Bass Clarinet

Cris LeSaar (data specialist)

Alto Saxophone

John Bradford (research scientist)

Anita Diaz

Paula Mack (realtor)

Scout Miller (graduate student)

Jaden Rieck (student)

Shayne Smith (FHS Performing Arts Director)

Tenor Saxophone

Paul Anfinsen (management consultant)

Larry Becker (retired accountant)

Baritone Saxophone

Peter Johnson (retired teacher)


Ben Cook (student)

Wayne Garrison (USPS Carrier)

Marette Gebhardt (communicable disease investigator)

Doreen Holtje (business owner)

Shane Moran (student)

Sara Olson (Associate Director, NAU Housing)

Linda Stamer (NAU music professor)

Kimberly Walker (NAU Admissions)

Steve Young (retired engineer)

French Horn

Sam Ellenberger

Tim Ellenberger (performer/facilities manager)

Jody Laura (music teacher/business owner)

Linn Montgomery (retired biologist)

Mary Schlanger (teacher/performer/student)


Craig Bearchell (investigator)

Dan Cook (Composites Engineer)

Blake Downs (student)

Jerry Korn (retired)

Beverly Stearns (music educator)

Trisha Stearns (student)

Nat White (retired astronomer)


Holly McEnaney (student)

Melissa McMurphy (paramedic)


Scott Boynton (product manager)

Randy Mews

Jacob Tung (Grand Canyon backcountry ranger)


Bryan Hendrick

Jeffrey Koyiyimptewa (student)

Jesse Mapel (software developer)

Leo Roccaforte (student)

Sarah Stamer (student)

Band Librarian: Linda Stamer

Webmaster: Jody Laura

Discriminatory Officers: Jamie Sanderlin

                                         Dan Cook




P.O Box 2423, Flagstaff, AZ 86003

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Flagstaff Community Band is made possible through the grant support of the City of Flagstaff, and the Arizona Commission on the Arts, Flagstaff Community Foundation, and Flagstaff Arts Council. 


The Corporation will not practice or permit discrimination on the basis of sex, age, race, national origin, religion, color, veteran’s status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or disability. 


Though we know that we are always learning and a statement is the mere beginning of work towards equity, we are committed to explicitly stating our values. In our performances and engagements, we will strive to represent and honor works from artists of a variety of backgrounds while also working to ensure that our performances are informed and respectful. Moreover, we aim to create rehearsal and performance environments that are relevant and meaningful for the many diverse members of our local community. To achieve these goals, we plan to program compositions from underrepresented artists, collaborate with other artistic groups in Flagstaff, and intentionally seek a broader range of instrumentalists and audience members.